Poetry serves as both a mirror and a window – as a mirror it allows us to reflect upon our lives and our society, and as a window, it allows us to imagine new lives, to see new possibilities. Poetry offers us a language when our other languages fail. It offers freedom to explore ideas, desires, dreams, fears in ways that are limitless.


A NEW SOUTH AFRICAN STORY - written for the occasion of the inauguration of the President of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, 25 May 2019. Played on air on Kaya fm during the ceremony.


INVITATION, Theart Press, 2017

Winner of the South Africa Independent Publishers Award for 2017

An exploration of beauty, memory and spirituality. An invitation to dream, to walk in faith and to love.

BUMPER CARS, The Onslaught Press, 2016

Runner-up for the 2016 South African Literary Award for Poetry. Includes Streetclass Diseases,  Winner of the 2015 Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award.

A close look at conflict and possibilities for human social harmony.

TALKING TO A TREE, Theart Press, 2011

These poems of a fragile world ask 'Is this really how we want to live?'

HEAP OF STONES, Theart Press, 2009

Debut collection, written under the pseudonym AE Ballakisten. Includes the inspirational poem, One Finite Life.

Literary Journals & Anthologies



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  • The Opiate Magazine, May 2017, USA

  • Poetry Quarterly, Issue 29, Spring 2017, USA

  • New Orleans Review, Issue 43 (2017), USA

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  • McGregor Poetry Festival Anthology, South Africa

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  • Canopic Jar, USA



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  • Best New African Poets Anthology

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  • The Sol Plaatje EU Poetry Anthology, Vol VI

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  • The Thistle, Volume 9, No 2, MIT USA

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  • Wits Student, Jhb, SA


* as AE Ballakisten


2019   Western Cape Provincial Government Cultural Affairs Award  

           for Contribution to the Literary Arts, SA                                      Winner

2018   Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award, SA                           Longlist (63/500) 

           Erbacce Prize for Poetry, UK                                                        Longlist (200/6,000)

2017   South African Independent Publishers Award (Poetry)              Winner

           Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival Poetry Competition, UK     Shortlist

2016   South African Literary Award (Poetry)                                         Runner-up

           Parallel Universe Poetry Competition (Oxford), UK                    Winner

           Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award, SA                           Winner

           Hourglass International Writing Competition, Bosnia                Longlist

           Wisehouse International Poetry Award, Sweden                       Longlist

2015   Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award, SA                           Winner

TV Interviews

Expresso (SABC), 10 November 2016

Morning Live (SABC), 24 October 2015