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DEEP COLLUSION: Bain and the capture of South Africa, Tafelberg, 2021


When Bain & Company partner Athol Williams reported his employer in October 2019 for withholding information on their complicity in state capture, he had no idea how far-reaching Bain’s collusion had been.

     Drawing on his testimony before the State Capture Commission, Williams here reveals the full extent of what Bain did not want the public to know.

     Deep Collusion uncovers the inner workings of state capture design. Williams takes the reader into the evidence that reveals the after-hours, behind-closed-doors planning meetings that took place at Zuma’s residences – who was present and what was discussed.

     While this book exposes greed and corporate corruption and lifts the lid on foreign profiteering and the weakening of South Africa’s public institutions, it also highlights the lonely burden of the whistleblower and the great personal cost of telling the truth in the face of overwhelming pressure.


South Africa: All bookstores and online at Takealot and Loot

UK: Online at Amazon, WH Smith and Blackwells

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THE BOOK OF EDEN, Theart Press, 2019

While sitting on the deck of a barge sailing along a river in Gabon in 1915, renowned Alsatian philosopher and medical doctor, Albert Schweitzer, experienced a moment of unexpected inspiration. He received a revelation that would guide his philosophy of Reverence for Life, the philosophy that played a significant part in him earning the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize. Schweitzer wrote that the revelation “flashed upon my mind,” that it “came to me” and that the revelatory moment was “unforeseen and unsought.”

Nearly 100 years later, in 2013, South African social philosopher and poet, Athol Williams, had a similar encounter while sitting at a desk in an American university library. Unlike Schweitzer’s brief encounter, Williams’s revelation endured for an hour. The Book of Eden captures the revelation that flashed upon Williams’s mind in a similarly unforeseen and unsought vein as Schweitzer’s. The Book of Eden presents a philosophy that foresees humanity at peace with all forms of life and presents a spiritual underpinning of this philosophy.

The spiritual philosophical revelation in The Book of Eden addresses political, economic, environmental and daily living topics of great relevance in our modern world. The book offers spiritual understanding as well as personal and societal guidance for a hopeful future.

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PUSHING BOULDERS: Oppressed to Inspired, Theart Press, 2016

My autobiography covers the first 45 years of my life. It tells my story of struggle to overcome immense social and economic odds to become one of the first people ever to undertake master’s degree study at five of the world’s top universities. It reveals how my compassion changes my life and gives it new purpose. At the height of my successful international business career I quit my corporate life to pursue my passion to use education and my writing to enable and inspire others to thrive. The book will lift your spirit, it will leave you believing that even your most outrageous dreams are possible, and leave you energised to begin pursuing them. 

“Pushing Boulders is a testimony to a remarkable person whose life history and experiences will undoubtedly be an inspiration to many people. The book gives us hope to achieve our dreams, no matter how small or unrealistic they may seem, for Athol’s life is certainly a life being lived well – not just materially but ethically and in a compassionate way. The book, which is a delight to read, is a tribute to the resilience and determination of the human spirit.” - Prof Zubeida Desai, Dean of Education, UWC. 

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The book can be purchased from the publisher here or in stores. 100% of proceeds from sales go to Read to Rise.


Interview at Oxford University, 2017

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