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Athol has authored 18 books which includes six books of poetry, the popular children’s picture book series, Oaky, as well as his popular inspirational autobiography, Pushing Boulders.

Over 100 of Athol’s poems have been published in literary publications in South Africa, USA, UK, India, France, Sweden, Nigeria, Botswana and Zimbabwe. He has been invited to read his poetry at most literary festivals in South Africa as well as literary events in the UK, US, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and France. In 2017, the Western Cape Government awarded Athol the Cultural Affairs Award for his contribution to the literary arts. He is the only poet to be awarded the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award twice, and has received four other literary awards. His poems have been used in a humanitarian campaign, in a public space, inside a building and in a movie.  

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News and Events

15 March 2021

Time of the Writer Festival. More info here.

18 January 2021

Athol will be the guest poet at Off the Wall. More info here.

29 December 2020

'Cape Town author’s poems among literary journal’s best' - Plainsman

16 December 2020

FRAGILE has been published by Theart Press

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FRAGILE is Athol's fifth book of poetry. The book presents a collaboration with 65 accomplished South African artists in which he produce an 8-line reflective poem for each of the artists' paintings. The poetry and art reflect upon our world to remind us of its fragility, but also offers a hopeful message, that, while our world may be fragile, it is not broken. READ MORE

Fragile cover.jpg

THE BOOK OF EDEN presents a spiritual philosophical revelation that  addresses political, economic, environmental and daily living topics of great relevance in our modern world. The book offers spiritual understanding as well as personal and societal guidance for a hopeful future. 


Book of Eden Cover Front (002).jpg


  • Whistleblowing (2021)

  • Fragile (2020)

  • Invitation (2017) - Winner of SA Independent Publishers Award

  • Bumper Cars (2016) - Runner-up for SA Literary Award

  • Talking to a Tree (2011)

  • Heap of Stones (2009)


  • Deep Collusion: Bain and the capture of South Africa (2021)

  • The Book of Eden (2019)

  • Pushing Boulders (2016)


  • A Girl Called H (2019)

Children's Picture Books

  • Oaky in the Playground (2021)

  • Oaky and the Virus (2020)

  • Oaky and Themba (2019)

  • Oaky Runs a Race (2018)

  • What is Happening to Oaky? (2017)

  • Oaky the Brave Acorn (2017)

  • Oaky the Happy Tree (2015)

  • Oaky and the Sun (2014)

Literary Awards

2022  Sunday Times Non-Fiction Award                                              Longlist

2021   Oxford-BNU Award in Creative Writing, UK                               Shortlist

           Afritondo Short Story Prize, UK                                                   Longlist (16/363)

2019   Cultural Affairs Award for Contribution to the Literary Arts,

            Western Cape Provincial Government, SA                                Winner

2019   South African Independent Publishers Award (Children's)       Winner

2018   Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award, SA                          Longlist (63/500) 

           Erbacce Prize for Poetry, UK                                                        Longlist (200/6,000)

2017   South African Independent Publishers Award (Poetry)              Winner

           Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival Poetry Competition, UK     Shortlist

2016   South African Literary Award (Poetry)                                         Runner-up

           Parallel Universe Poetry Competition (Oxford), UK                    Winner

           Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award, SA                           Winner

           Hourglass International Writing Competition, Bosnia                Longlist

           Wisehouse International Poetry Award, Sweden                       Longlist

2015   Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award, SA                           Winner

Literary Events
  • Off the Wall, Cape Town, South Africa, January 2021

  • Madibaland Literary Festival, South Africa, 2020

  • Poetry Africa, Durban, South Africa, 2020

  • Singing in the Dark, Mumbai, India, 2020

  • Abuja Literary Festival, Abuja, Nigeria, 2020

  • Franschoek Literary Festival, South Africa, 2019

  • Cape Flats Book Festival, Cape Town, South Africa, 2019

To buy books please visit Theart Press or bookstores

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