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I am an avid reader and booklover with a personal library of over 7,000 books. It is a joy to add to the universal library through my writing, and to share the stories of my experiences, imagination and hopes through my poems and books. I have published 14 books as follows:

I've published 4 books of poetry and have 2 in development. Over 100 of my poems have been published in literary journals and anthologies in numerous countries. I have been blessed to receive invitations to read my work at many prestigious events and had my poetry recognised with the receipt of 6 literary awards.  READ MORE

I've written 7 books in the OAKY series of inspirational books for children 9 years old and younger. The books are central to the Read to Rise literacy programmes. I've also written a novel for children from 9 to 12 years old, titled A Girl Called HREAD MORE

I've published two non-fiction books, my autobiography, Pushing Boulders  and a spiritual philosophical revelation titled The Book of Eden. If my future years are as exciting as my life has been to date, I may write a sequel to my autobiography. READ MORE


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