I've lived a portfolio life since 2010, with various simultaneous roles rather than one job. My current roles centre around academic research and teaching, advocacy and activism for youth literacy, nation-building and social justice, advising companies on strategy and corporate responsibility and writing.

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  • Senior Lecturer, Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership, GSB, University of Cape Town

  • Chairperson, Read to Rise

  • Board, New Contrast Literary Journal

  • Presenter, State of Our Nation, Classic 102.7

  • Author, Oaky series, poetry, autobiography, business, philosophy and current affairs

  • Member, Policy & Advocacy Committee, International Network of Scholars and Activists for African Reparation (INOSAAR)

  • Judge, Sol Plaatjie European Union Poetry Award, 2018 & 2019

  • Research Fellow, Centre for Applied Ethics, Philosophy Department, Stellenbosch University

  • Member, Scholars & Practitioners Network, CRI, Harvard Kennedy School


All books are available online from Theart Press, online stores and some bookstores


  1. Heap of Stones (2009)

  2. Talking to a Tree: Poems of a Fragile World (2011)

  3. Our World, Better Together (editor; 2013; private collection, Harvard University)

  4. Bumper Cars (2015)

  5. Invitation (2017)

Inspirational / Spiritual / Philosophical

  1. Pushing Boulders: Oppressed to Inspired (2016)

  2. The Book of Eden (2019)

Children's Picture Books

  1. Oaky and the Sun (2014)

  2. Oaky the Happy Tree (2015)

  3. Oaky the Brave Acorn (2017)

  4. What is Happening to Oaky? (2017)

  5. Oaky Runs a Race (2018)

  6. Oaky and Themba (2019)

  7. Oaky and the Virus (2020) Free Download


Children’s Novels

  1. A Girl Called H (2019)


  1. Cultural Affairs Award for Contribution to Literary Arts, Western Cape Provincial Government (2019) 

  2. South African Independent Publishers Award (2019) for The OAKY Series

  3. South African Independent Publishers Award (2017) for Invitation

  4. Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award (2016) for Visit at Tea Time

  5. Parallel Universe Poetry Competition Winner, Oxford University (2016)

  6. Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award (2015) for Streetclass Diseases (published in Bumper Cars)

  7. South African Literary Award for Poetry (Runner-up, 2016) for Bumper Cars


A profile recorded by Vannie Kaap in my library in February 2020

An autobiographical poem read at the Abuja Literary Festival (online) in 2020